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Grateful Dead Live at Buckeye Lake Music Center on 1993-06-11

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Grateful Dead Live at Buckeye Lake Music Center on 1993-06-11

Set 1

Jack Straw
Foolish Heart ->
The Same Thing
Lazy River Road
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues ->
When I Paint My Masterpiece
So Many Roads
The Promised Land

Set 2

Eyes Of The World
Playing In The Band ->
Uncle John's Band ->
Corrina ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Wheel ->
All Along The Watchtower ->
Black Peter ->
Sugar Magnolia

Brokedown Palace

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Buckeye Lake Music Center
Location Hebron, OH

Source Seamless fix of shnid 19217
Transferred by Bill Tetzeli


The following fix was made to this source: the transition between disks 2 and 3 was made seamless. CE 2000, in conjunction with its statistics tool, was used to perform a reverse fade at the end of CD 2 and to match volume at the splice point between discs 2 and 3. Shntool was used to correct resulting sector boundary errors.

Bill Tetzeli,


Reviewer: darkstarcrashes_79 - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 11, 2013
Subject: great show hmmm decent anyway
this show was one of the better on this tour my last one till spring 93 when i was done except for a few shows here and there it was a killer venue and this years show blew away the previous years killer Jack Straw , Foolish Heart , Tom Thumbs and always liked So Many Roads the best out of the new tunes. having seen the band from 85 to 93 religously this isn't too bad for after Brent but the 2nd set is kinda lame except for maybe the Black Peter. i'd give it a 3 for performance 5 for sound killer sound 3.75 overalll
Reviewer: UU_Cowboy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 1, 2013
Subject: A great day in the country
I was at this show and I recall Jerry and Bob leaning on some boxes near back stage watching Sting during a song or two.
Here are my thoughts -
Promised Land – Vince really shows his talent in this one; Eyes – a solid tight performance, Jerry was on top of the lyrics and lays down a decent guitar solo; Playin – another solid tight performance with a nice spacey jam; Corrina, which I never cared for, goes into a quite mellow space jam; Wheel, which has always been a favorite, was short and uninspired; Sugar Mag – Bob has some real fun with this one, very enjoyable; Encore: Brokedown – is sweet and lovely as usual
Reviewer: hl2 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 8, 2012
Subject: Haters
To all of you haters: go jack off to Cornell 77. This isn't even the same band so how can you compare 77 to 93? 77 has some lame ass shows, too yall. If you've never listened to 1993 with open ears, you're missing a lot of killer fuckin shows.
Reviewer: Folkhippy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 8, 2012
Subject: Summer '93
This show represents everything that went right in '93. Yes, there are better shows in 1977 and 1973, but 16 years later, this is the Dead playing a damn good show. The energy, the vibe, the whatever-you-want-to-call-it is fully present this night, and if you haven't listened to this show the whole way through, or if you come with the attitude that everything after '85 sucked, you might not notice it.

Sadly, as the '90s progressed, Jerry was on his way out. It was more than the drugs this time, it was his diabetes, his sleep apnea, his obesity, his total unwillingness to take care of his mind and body. He refused doctors, exercise, or addiction treatment. He went on stage totally waxed on Persian and coke. He couldn't keep his breath long enough to keep up with lyrical phrasing. Speaking of, he would mumble through lyrics or totally forget lines. Instead of playing solos, he would pluck a few melody notes over and over again (see any late-'94 or '95 version of Franklin's Tower for an example of this). The band became totally disinterested in each other, and with the music. Bobby was messing around with every godawful distortion tone he could possibly come up with (their sound man at the time, Dan Healy, was fired for drowning Bobby in the mix; after hearing his distorted guitar during this year, I can understand why Healy did that!). It was a bad scene all around, with an out of control Shakedown Street, homeless criminals without tickets, and DEA/government bullshit.

Despite all of this, there were nights where all that seemed to fade into the background, and Jerry and the boys came alive. This night is one of them. 1993 was a solid year throughout. It really wasn't until '94-'95 that things started to get sloppy. The summer '93 tour is tight and incredible. The QUALITY of the music is high, just like it was in 72-74, 77, and 89-90, albeit each of these eras had their own sound. But when the band was hot, they were hot.

This show opens with a ripping Jack Straw. Jerry is using a beautifully crisp guitar tone. Everyone is playing their asses off. Amazing Eyes, PITB, and UJB. Foolish Heart cooks. Garcia is fully in the game, enjoying a streak of good health. Phil puts on an outstanding performance as well. The drummers are using their conga toms. Vince is finally gellin' with the band. I LOVE 1993.

This show is worthy of at least four stars, but I'll give it five (~):-}
Reviewer: Cozmic Craig - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 2, 2012
Subject: Agreed
Nowhere near "shades of 73." Glad it was a good time and I enjoy the colorful and often heartfelt reviews, but... As I respond to this I am listening to the sbd of Swing, 2.26.77, eyes>dancin'. Hope you can understand my cynicism. I'll give it 3. Good for the period...
Reviewer: btownslim - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 2, 2012
Subject: I remember this!
My good friend the Kid and few others made the trek to Buckeye for this show I remember it being a great experience awesome day!
Reviewer: ride_her_like_a_surfer - - February 14, 2012
Subject: What Dreams Are Made Of ??
Are you serious brah ?? '93 GD is far from what dreams are made of ... LMAO
Reviewer: JoeShoe - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 18, 2009
Subject: dont bother reviewing...
...if your not gonna actually listen to the show!
This show smokes. My first summer tour show and the ideal venue and show. Buckeye was out in the country and you parked in grassy fields and it was all general admission with trees inside. They let us party in the lot until the sun came up the next morning, very chill scene. One of the better summer tour venues they played in the stadium era.
Raging Jack Straw into sugar sweet Foolish Heart to open. In fact, this is one of my favorite Foolish Hearts, Jerry just keeps the final jam going and going, he doesnt want it to end. This JS>Foolish Heart is one of the better one/two openers around, right up there with the Dancin>Bird Song from 7-15-84. The rest of the set is average songs well played and closes with a heartfelt So Many Roads into a smokin' Promised Land with Vince doing some boogie-woogie piano runs to the delight of the crowd.
Second set opens with the perfect summer evening tune, a workmanlike Eyes, shades of 6-10-73, right outside this lazy summer home... Eyes flows into the classic Playin>Uncle Johns combo, ultra-smooth transition and both are played to the hilt. Even the Corrina rocks w/ a smoldering jam into Drumz, one of the better versions of this much maligned tune. Trippy space leads into a hoppin Wheel, then the obligitory Watchtower. Black Peter is a real powerhouse with Jerry in fine form and Vince playing some nice organ. Blazing Sugar Mags brings the house down.
The Brokedown encore is picture perfect, I can still feel the cool summer breeze when I listen.
Just look at the setlist folks, this is what dreams are made of.
4+ stars for crisp SBD, better than the other SBD imo.
I'm giving it 5 stars to bump the rating from 3. And for the 90s I would give this show a solid 4 anyway so...
(I give a show 5 stars if I think it is one of the best of that year/era. Trying to compare shows from different eras is impossible, the sounds are so different it's like apples and oranges)
Reviewer: cliftonhangar - favoritefavoritefavorite - September 7, 2008
Subject: I love Soundboards!
Phil is just driving away on Masterpiece with a very "punchy" bass! Rest of set sounds average so far (I'm jumping around)--3 1/2 stars...
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